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Breaking a leg!!

For many it wasn't a surprise to see yours truly on the movie screen.  

After many years of beating the pavement  it finally  happened.   Those of you that know me well know I have been in TV and in the talent business for years but having the opportunity to get on the screen is what I always longed for.   I can be seen as a featured extra in "Secretariat" starring Diane Lane and John Malcovich.   I have been involved more in the movie business in the last several years  after taking a bit of a hiatus from it since the early 90's when I was an extra in "A League of Their Own" produced by director Penny Marshall.   I have also been an extra in "The Dilemma" directed by Ron Howard and "Losers Take All" .  I can also be seen in "Drop Dead Georgeous" produced by Heather Ryan, "Young Islands" produced by Kevin Chenault and "Bloody, Sisterly Love" produced by James Cook currently on production. 

I travel the world doing movie/film work.  My personal facebook page has more recent updates on a daily basis!


Current film work/resume


Drop Dead Gorgeous, pageant judge, Bad Baby Productions

Dummy Hoy, independent film, paid extra, 1800's baseball

 Secretariat, Keeneland, motion picture producer Randall Wallace (Central Casting) featured extra 1970's wear starring Diane Lane/John Malcovich

Secretariat-Keeneland, 70's wear

Secretariat-Churchill downs, 70's wear

The Dilhemma, motion picture producer Ron Howard, paid extra-car

Losers Take All. motion picture starring Allison Scagliotti, 80's wear

Common Outlaws, independent film, extra-western

The Fourth Dimension, independent film starring Val Kilmer, extra-therapy scene

The Drunk, independent film starring Tom Sizemore and Jesse Ventura, extra-audience

Young Islands, independent film featured as principal-Mom, credited

Revelation Trail, independent film, extra-western, IMDB credited

Lucid-independent film, horror, extra-sleepwalker, IMDB credited

Spirit Stalkers-independent film, horror extra, IMDB credited

The Song, independent film, 80's extra

ABC Nashville-pilot-featured extra/2nd episode 12/12 (TV series)

Toddlers and Tiaras featured pageant judge, World Championship TLC

Edens World, featured pageant judge,  Logo TV

AHA series, Act of God, paid extra, COTH productions

The Caretakers, extra, BBP 2014, IMDB credited

Bloody, Sisterly Love 2014, news reporter Laura Donovan, IMDB credited

A Wedding Like That, IMDB credited, protester

Frances Stein, Madwoman, Aunt Cindy, IMDB credited

94 feet, Rosetti productions, IMDB credited, church goer

Catwoman-Heart of Gotham Fan film-principal as Catwoman, Magnum Caliber Films, IMDB credited, associate producer

The Reins Maker (in-production), IMDB credited, party goer

The Promise (in production), associate producer, IMDB credited, restaurant patron

Mason Hawk (completed) Amanda Hawk, IMDB credited

Captive Audience:The kidnapping of a mother and daughter (in production) Amanda Hawk, IMDB credited

Mom & Dad  (completed)Motion Picture director Brian Taylor (Central Casting) Nicholas Cage, Selma Blair,  parent

Mom & Dad (completed) Motion Picture director Brian Taylor (Central Casting), Nicholas Cage, Selma Blair-nurse

Momumental (completed) Motion Picture, Jeremy Irons, Jane Seymour, Analeigh Tipton-shopper

Addicted, more TBA, drug addict

TV series "Smoketown"-8 part series on TBN,  homeless shelter resident

Kid Rock music video, Hot Rod Lady, CMT-Po Dunk

Ms.Whitelight. nurse, starring Judith Light

I have worked on 36 productions


Cabin Weekend (pre Production) 2018

Hard Landing (pre Production) 2018