It's great to volunteer....always
We only live once so make an impression by helping others

Being both involved with the field of modeling and pageants and public relations over the years I have had the chance to volunteer for various organizations.  

 I feel it is a vital part of life to be able to give to others somehow even if it isn't money related.  I learned about volunteering through many organizations as a young adult and have come to appreciate my many mentors over the years.  I was a 10 year 4-H member and also won leadership trips for excellence.  Including winning the Washington DC trip where I got a chance to meet senators  Richard Lugar and Dan Quayle who later became Vice President of the United States.  I started volunteering for my local chapter of the Jaycees and have won awards for local works.  I won several awards with some being for creativity in kids projects locally.  I was also honored lately with a leadership award for works in Evansville, IN.  As a young girl I was also a member of the Girl Scouts of America.

In addition to the above mentioned organizations I have also volunteered for the Salvation Army, Wish Upon a Star, American Cancer Society and Santa Clothes  Club and the March of Dimes-Walk America and the Susan B. Komen organization.  I was an event photographer for the Komen event as well.

Being from the Midwest and growing up on a small farm I realize the need to help the small guy. My Dad was a farmer and my Grandfather. I believe in giving aid to small based farmers and by doing so I have been involved with the Farm Aid organization for over 6 years.  My first venture in business after all was raising pumpkins as a kid and selling them for Halloween.  It was always so much fun!!  I'll always cherish those childhood memories growing up next to an amish community in Daviess county Indiana.  As fate would have it I later helped work and manage a turkey operation in Gibson County Indiana for a year or so also.  I love animals!

 I have been involved in working volunteer media assignments for the Farm Aid events and it's a great organization to be involved with.  Indiana native John Mellancamp, also Neil Young and Willie Nelson are the founders and have been since the early 80's.  Since then other stars such as Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews have joined the board.  It's always fun to be a part of the celebrity forum which is held prior to the concert.  Everybody knows who Johnny Cougar is.  Willie and Neil are true legends so the event yearly raises big needed bucks.  Farm Aid promotes the use of organic foods and celebrities such as Paul Newman have organic based products. 

Farm Aid itself was formed in 1985 and since then it's raised over 26 million dollars.  In 2005 $664,000 dollars in grants were available through Farm Aid.  Most of the money raised is gotten through the yearly concert which is generally held in the fall of each year.  Other donations can be made however through the Farm Aid website at  I can not express enough the need to keep our country flourishing with good, healthy and most of all safe food.  Funds can be sent to the Farm Aid corporate offices listed on the above site and can be made at any time during the year not just the concert.  Please give!!