Baby, you're a star..

I have been a professional model for over 27 years.  Professional -meaning that I have been paid doing what I love to do for that many years.  Even though I'm not a big Supermodel it is a rarity for a model to be able to work to have made money this long at it!  I am truly blessed.  That doesn't mean however that I haven't had to juggle jobs to keep myself going over the years.  I can remember many times when I had 3 jobs to be able to afford my craft.  That's what it takes.

As with the industry I have been criticized on various auditions.  I was told I was too pretty, built like a football player and too short and at a size medium-too fat.  In this business if you can't take criticisms you leave.  That's what they enjoy.  If you are strong enough you will wait long enough to achieve your dreams!!  Winners never quit, quitters never win!

Just because you are pretty doesn't mean you can write your ticket to be on the cover of magazines.  There are many beautiful women out there but they don't know how to display their talents.  It takes a unique skill to perfect it all.  Sometimes this means working extra jobs to have the money to travel if need be-whatever it takes.  Over the years I have counseled many aspiring women on modeling work.  I came to the impression that because a lot thought they were good looking that they were owed the work.  Think again!

A company will not hire you just because you are photogenic and have a good portfolio and resume no matter how long you've worked at it.  If you don't have the personality you won't be a good representative for their products and you will be just another number.  You must be creative and exquisite.

Over the years I have enjoyed working for various companies on local, national and international levels. Every model wants to do print work over other categories but she must learn to be versatile in order to succeed overall.  Once you have worked hard on your resume you can pick and choose which jobs that you prefer to do when offered.

I have done print work for some of the included companies-


Jager Meister

Tri State Speedway


News 4 U

Exclusive Magazine

Tiara Magazine

Pageant Emporium Digest

Pageantry Magazine

Eminence Magazine

Sprint Car

Motorsports News

Vincennes University

Ellis Park/ Church Hill Downs

Swimwear Illustrated/Ujena

International Library of Photography