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As you can imagine having been drawn to the talent business was not the only experience I have had being in front of everyone.

Since the age of 15 I have been involved with media work.  My local high school was only one of a few in my state that offered hands on TV training and offered a 3 year program. By my junior year I was anchoring the local news and volunteered over 60 hours a week filming school events and was voted Outstanding Broadcasting student of the year.  I also worked with the Pan Am Games in Indianapolis with CBS.  I was also sports and news editor for my high school newspaper Tiger Tales.  These experiences continue to open many doors for me today.  I also worked for WRAY locally and W06BD-TV the low powered station at PCHS.  I had also written freelance for the local newspaper and have been editor of the company newsletter for Orion Electric America, Inc. a Japanese TV production company I was receptionist for.  I have since been a contribtuing beauty advisor, editor for Ilva's pageantry magazine and Eminence online magazine for young women.

After graduating from high school I went on to graduate from Vincennes University with an AS in Science/TV and Radio Broadcasting.  While at VU, which is one of the top rated programs in the United States I was again doing on air work.  While on WVUT I was news, sports and weather anchor and also co producer of a weekly program named Sports week.  My radio experiences included WROL, WVUB and WROL.  I was dubbed the "Queen of WROK".  As with my modeling experiences I just didn't start out being on TV and on the radio.  I also worked many other jobs to get there including being a receptionist.  I paid my dues.  While I was working various jobs I also won a continuing education scholarship which allowed me to attend night school.  Also while at VU I was assistant director for the Miss Vincennes University Scholarship program the official preliminary for the Miss America pageant system.   My most current TV endeavor was being the segment producer for Heartland Chopper and will be featured on the TLC channel and various movies.

Upon graduation I returned to work as an assistant casting agent and done so for 8 years.  I worked for various television stations doing makeup and prop production for local TV commercials and catalogs, magazines.  I had the chance to work with photographers from LA, New York and Chicago.  I was also talent on about 10 commercials..  I also provided makeup production for various print jobs such as local hospitals and companies.  Some of these photos are stock photography and can still be seen today.  For those of you who aren't fully aware of what stock photos are they are pictures taken and used for future billboards and magazine ads as well as some commercials.  As an assistant casting agent I learned the responsibilities of putting the right models in the jobs for the right companies.  It was a great experience to learn what the industry was all about from the other side.

I have appeared in the following TV commercials-

Vincennes University

Gils Four Seasons

GD Ritzys


West Side Diamonds

Jacksons Bridal

Ellis Park/Church Hill Downs

Western Ribeye

Indiana State Police

Tri State Speedway

...various related appearances on ESPN representing the hydroplane racing circuit