Promotional modeling work-Here's to the products we all love!
4300 promos worked so far and loving it!

I have been working modeling promotional jobs since I started many years ago since 2002 alone I have worked over 4,300 promotional jobs for various worldwide companies.  Promotional jobs include different types of work for clients depending on what their needs are.  These can range anywhere from in store promotions for products to appearances and signings at other times.

Some promotions can be virtually easy while others can be in hot or cold conditions depending on weather.  My most enjoyable promotion was getting to play Marilyn Monroe.  I have played other characters such as the Colgate tooth fairy, Tony the Tiger and Herbie Hotpocket and I loved that the kids who enjoyed it!  I also had the chance to work with the People magazine Live Tour and assisted Justin Heuring from All My Children in his autograph signings.  Other promotional work included being a trophy girl for Tri State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN for 3 years and also a Budweiser girl for the hydroplane racing circuit for 2 years.  I was also an alternate for the Miller girls and a Jagerette for Jager Meister.

Some of the companies I have worked promotions for include-

Old Spice, Axe Angel, Degree, Pantene, Dove, Vaseline, Thermocare, Liquid Heat, Budweiser, Miller lite, Jager Meister, Hawaiian Tropic, Ujena, Can Tan, Suave, Centrum, Herbal Essence, Bold and Brilliant, Head and Shoulders, Prilosec OTC, Hasbro, People magazine, Volum eyes, Gillette, Tag, Scott towels, Venus, Oil of Olay, Metamucil, Clairol, Revlon and Almay, Players International, Cover Girl.  Promotional tradeshow work also for Zanzi and CST machines.  I have also worked for Serta, Dremel tools, Keurig, Tassimo and Target.

The promotional category of modeling is the most popular out there today and the pay is good.  These jobs can be local, national or international.   I am currently signed with around 50 marketing companies.