Work the runway sweetie..

Since I am only 5'5 1/2 of course I never made it on the major runways in Milan or Paris, NY or LA.  However petite modeling has become a very popular category over the years.  Height is no longer a barrier in the modeling industry.  Over 60 percent of women in the United States are under 5'6 and the same percentage is true for most women being a size 12 or larger YES 60 percent of women are a size 12 and over.  Age and weight are no longer barriers due to changing in marketing strategies.

Most top agencies in larger cities expect you to be 5'7 and above to work on the runway but in smaller markets it doesn't matter so much.  Some of the most successful celebrities and models are considered petite.  I cannot express enough that the staying power of success is good personality and attitude.

Almost from the beginning I started as a lingerie and bikini model.  I participated in local fashion shows at the mall and other events.  I modeled every time I had the chance even if it paid nothing.  That's what it takes to make it in the business and have longevity. To this day if the opportunity arrives and it pays nothing I still do it.  When you are true to a passion you continue to live it no matter what.  It's not all about the money. 

Most girls are under the impression that all they have to do is look good.  Nada. The terrible truth to the industry is that sometimes not all highly publicized jobs pay a lot and you do them to add to your work experience. I have also coordinated and managed many fashion shows as well.  Your resume is your staying power.  

If you think you are too good to take a lower paying job-life can pass you by.

Some of my runway experience includes the following-


Petite Sophisticate

Chez James

The Buckle

Denim & Diamonds

Glitters & Traditions

Glorias Western Wear

Kasson House Bridal

Bridal Expo

The Gap

Wilsons Leather

LOLC/Tiara Magazine Royal Affair-crowned Ms. Ultimate Model and modeled in annual runway show

I have also coordinated many shows as well.

Keep walking boots..