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Professional Model-Cindy McDonald
"If you can dream it, you can do it with patience and determination"

Welcome!  Cindy McDonald is a native of southern Indiana and has been a  model for 41 years and a professional model for over 31years having won numerous pageants and other modeling awards and  model searches over the  years.  Cindy has been featured on several magazine covers as well.  Starting at the age of 9 Cindy began enjoying time in the spotlight by simply participating in local plays and fashion shows.  At that early age she realized she had  dreams of being in the public eye and wanted to pursue them fiercely.  She joined her local 4-H organization and began to make and model her own clothes at the State Fair level.  Cindy also participated in sports and excelled in basketball in which Indiana is well known for.  She was also a badminton champion.

In  her teen years Cindy had begun participating in pageants on the local levels.  Although she did not win the first several contests she was determined to succeed with her abilities.  As with the modeling and pageantry industry along came some criticisms.   Shortly after her first year of competitions she began placing and winning many contests.  Realizing that entering these contests required a rather expensive wardrobe to meet requirements Cindy often held down three jobs in order to compete.  Driven by her dreams and talent Cindy continues to excel in many fields.  She can most recently be seen as a featured extra in the movie "Secretariat" starring Diane Lane and John Malcovich.  On August 10th 2011 she  appeared on the season finale as a pageant judge for the Toddlers and Tiaras series on the TLC channel.    She was most recently named the International Cover Model for the Miss Tourism pageant system.  She has written for many beauty publications in which she teaches self esteem to women of all ages.

"There isn't one day that goes by that I don't dream....if you quit, you die a little inside as each minute passes".....

Cindy has learned over the years about how to reinvent herself  to make herself marketable in the ever changing fashion, editorial, commerical and promotional world.   She is currently signed with over 50 promotional modeling companies and works over 100 promotions a year for various campaigns.